What Hair Styles and Hair Cuts can Men with Pattern Balding Select to Look Best?

Balding may be problem for men, who like fashionable hair styles. You need to keep in mind that even Hollywood stars face balding problems. Everyone from actors to athletes face this problem during their life time. Here we have offered you with tips for selecting best hair style to cover your baldness.

Combover with fades

This is easy to maintain and ideal for balding men. You can make the selection from wide variation of lengths and style. The faded sides blend in perfectly with clean short top part. The hair is decently swept to one side to help cover the fading hairline, along with facial hair that well balances the overall looks.

Fashionable styles for covering hairline

Short spiked hair that looks ideal for covering receding hairline simply looks great! You can cut hair on the top to spikes that can be brushed towards the fore head, lifted slightly like spikes. The spikes are easily noticeable by everyone and are less stiff. To offer with better effects you can make use of hairspray and texture cream that will hold your hair tight.

Messy side partition

This hair style will help in covering your baldness and preserve vibe of youth age, even if you are past 40. The hair style offers you with very cool looks as the hair cut is very decent and simple, cut to medium length. The side part can be little deep to hide blend perfectly with your hair line. The sideburns can be little more tapered while the entire frontal part of the hair is swept clean away from the forehead towards the back.

Balding haircut fade away

This hair cut is designed to highlight the receding hairline as the style factor. The moment you notice that you have a deep receding hairline then you should try and blend it perfectly with your hair style. The hair style is definitely flattering and smooth. In the beard and temple area clean lines are shaved offering it with very structured looks.

Shaved sides and short Mohawk

This is ideal for men with square face type. The hair style will help people notice your jaw as the hair is cut t thinning at the sides along with facial hair playing upwards. You can maintain trimmed beard with sides completely shaved off. You can also maintain a demure top with short Mohawk.


Spiky pattern balding hair style

This hair cut is best for people facing pattern baldness. The hair is combed forward to form a spike peak at the top of the head. This is done with an aim to help cover receding hairline and is ideal for men with thick hair. To maintain it best you can apply light gel to hold spikes in place. The style can be brushed easily.

Long side parts and Ivy League

Not many men are comfortable when facing hair loss problems but they can always look around for best hair style that suits them. Ivy League will help you gain your lost confidence back. The hair cut is slicked back with clean side parts.


Balding receding hairline – combover

Combovers are best options for covering receding hairline. You can brush your hair to back and side offering with sophisticated and suave looks. Applying little gel can help maintain perfect style for hours. This will also help in covering your bald spots. Everything can be fun if you add it to your trimmed beard.

Thin hair problems – Retro Pompaduor

This hair cut is definitely for men who look mature. The shorn sides and high lifted top tend to generate volume and thickness for your hair. If you have grey strands then it can offer your style with additional shine factor. The back of the hair can be shaved to shorter length.

Shaved temples and Fauxhawk

This hair style has the power to pull attention away from your receding hair line. Even if you are facing pattern baldness, still you can make best use of fresh vibes to offer yourself with new looks. Hair can be combed or brushed to one side that will cover the hairline completely without forming spikes. The front and sides can be trimmed narrow to fade away at the burns.

Crew cut with gradient Grey factor

Having grey hair and hair falling problems? Why hide when you can highlight this factor to your style. It is best option to quit apply dye and high light your grey. The back of the head is shaved and longer hair are maintained at the top. This offers you with gradient and natural effect. The light shade of the hair will also help cover your baldness completely.

Blade Fade for clean shape up

The moment you notice you are facing hair thinning problem, you can immediately go for this hair style. The hair style can easily be blend with trimmed and close cut beard. The shape up can be blend perfectly with facial hair such that the curves act as a frame for your face. This will also act as the gravity factor to draw more attention from people around you.

Messy tight and high

This hair style does not force you to make use of hairstyle products or gels. This version of hair cut is casual and cool. The top of the hair is offered with choppiness looks, and volume. The sides can be tapered fades such that your bald areas may never be noticed.

Beard and Hipster cut

In case you like being a hipster then you can select beard and swept side cut combo. In case you have receding hairline, you can make it up at the beard region. It will offer your hair style with a balance factor.

Moustache goatee and crew cut blend

One main benefit with this style is that is offers with a wispy strand looks that is best to hide your baldness problems. You can cover up your hairline completely while maintaining polish at other areas. You can offer with best looks with goatee and handle bar moustache. It has the power to highlight your personality.


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