Treating male hair loss pattern using Acu pressure

Treating male hair loss pattern using Acu pressure

Every one loves enjoying strong and healthy hair. Males too like having volumetric and lengthy hair. There are a number of factors that are responsible for hair fall in men. In some cases, environment is the main culprit, while in other cases overuse of hair products can lead to hair fall. There are a number of men who suffer from increased hair fall.

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Some bad habits can also lead to the formation of dandruff and promote hair loss, even if you are using some of the best hair care products. You need to look around for best and effective solutions and acupressure can be the right answer to your problems.

In present time, you may find a number of products that claim to reverse the process of hair fall, but some of hem may only be claims. Some of the products may also provide you with claims for instant benefits, which is not possible. You need to keep in mind that hair fall is a problem that is deep rooted and so needs a permanent cure. You may have to consider your natural diet and other life style activities.

Acupressure as cure for hair fall

Acupressure is one alternative method that can help reverse this process of completely stop it. Alternative methods in most cases prove helpful to reduce  hair fall problems. When making use of this method a firm pressure is applied to the affect area to help increase the blood circulation. This is very much similar to making use of hot oil massage therapy.

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When following acupressure method the experts will massage your scalp making use of techniques and hand movements. This will help in eliminating the stress formed and reverse hair fall problems.

Why acupressure?

This method is already proven by health experts in the past. You may get to notice changes within few days. The therapy is also being used since 16th century and is very much effective till date. The method depends on making use of traditional Chinese therapy for curing hair fall. Some of the benefits of using acupressure are mentioned here below:-

  • It will help in increasing the blood flow within the scalp region.
  • It will help in eliminating the accumulation of toxins along with dandruff and dead cells.
  • It will help in eliminating stress formation.
  • It will help in boosting flow of oxygen to the scalp area.

This method makes use of several points to trigger the reactions within our body. It helps in releasing Chi energy within our body that triggers all organs and body systems. These connect your finger tips with your entire body and nervous system. It unblocks the meridians and cures the illness from its roots.

Curing hair fall using Acupressure

When using acupressure massage, it proves helpful in treating hair fall conditions. It also proves helpful in strengthening the present hair on your scalp. The method is best effective when blended with Olive oil.

Experts make use of olive oil for massaging your scalp so that it balances the production of DHT that is main culprit for promoting hair fall. The Olive oil will help in reducing the production of DHT in the scalp region. The moment this happens, hair growth is promoted.

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DHT is one hormone that is already produced naturally in men. It is related with enhanced sex activity in males. Over production of this hormone will result in pattern baldness condition in men. All other genetic conditions responsible for male hair loss are also associated with production of DHT hormone. One way to identify this condition is that hair is naturally retained at the side and back area of the scalp.

The health of your hair is more dependent on the flow of blood in the scalp region.  The overall functioning of the adrenaline gland also affects the hair growth. When making use of acupressure, the immune system and blood flow to the scalp region is also boosted. This process helps in revitalizing the scalp region and promoting healthy hair growth. The moment you are making use of acupressure for treating your hair fall condition, by flushing away bad toxins from your body, your overall health is also maintained. This method also proves helpful in clearing your scalp of all unwanted chemicals and debris.

One main benefit of using acupressure is that it will prove helpful in regulating the hormonal balance of your body. It will help in reversing the process of hair fall.

Process of massage using acupressure

  • To get started you have to twirl the hair strands and tug your fingers inside your hair to reach the roots. This will help stimulate hair nerves.
  • Try and locate the bliss seat on your scalp which is a point that is just 6 fingers above the center of your eyebrows.
  • Make use of circular strokes to massage this region gently. Later on you need to continue with this technique to massage your entire scalp. Always ensure your strokes are firm when moving towards the head.
  • Now you need to focus on the joint of the skull and muscles on your scalp region. You can identify this part by the hairline of your hair. You can extend it till your neckline. This will help in eliminating stress. When stroking try and hold pressure for some time in this region. The moment blood flows in this region you will feel relief.
  • Now gently stroke the middle region of your scalp and massage it gently. Multiple acu points are located in this region. You have to ensure to apply gentle pressure in this region. Continue till bottom of your hair line.
  • You can also massage the frame of your face line for better results. You need to repeat the entire process for some time.

Acupressure is one technique that will help relieve all points on your scalp and reverse the process of hair fall to a greater extent. Many professional hair therapists make use of this technique. It will prove effective against hair fall.

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