Stem cells as active hair growth treatment

Stem cells as active hair growth treatment

Stem Cells Treatment For Hair Growth :

A team of researchers have been conducting studies to prove the effect of stem cells for hair growth. Past results have proven that these cells have managed to promote hair growth. The tests were conducted on adult mice and have proven successful. Here in this article we shall discuss step by step process that you need to follow for hair growth.

Stem cells hair growth treatment


The process is helpful for growth of hair in men suffering from male pattern baldness. It works ideal for people suffering from alopecia conditions. Past research has proven the relation of stem cells and follicles. Stem cells are found on the base of the hair follicles and manage to organize themselves as organ like structure termed as organoids.

Experts made use of 3 dimensional structure to study the pattern of its developmental stage for any organ. Stem cells are believed to imitate any organ in our body including human skin.

The six step procedure to hair growth :

For testing the process, skin organoids were used from old and new born skin cells. Researchers made use of progenitor cells that are not exactly stem cells but its type. These cells were then in later stages transplanted into a new area were they had to be grown. The cells were separated from the adult and new skin.

The six step procedure to hair growth

The results were then studied to see the process of hair growth and regeneration back from the follicles.

Results noticed :

During the developmental stage it was noticed that these stem cells were able to regenerate themselves such that skin like organoids were formed out of the new born cells. The entire process was staged and recorded by the team in six different steps.

Results noticed

Step one – In this step, the progenitor cells had undergone the dissociation process.

Step two – In this step the dissociated cells had undergone the aggregated stage.

Step Three – In this stage, were able to transform into polarized cysts.

Step four – In this step the polarized cysts managed to transform into coalesced cysts.

Step Five – In this step the cysts cells transformed into forming the planar skin cells.

Step Six – This is the last step in which the planar skin cells transformed and formed the active hair follicles.

Now these active hair follicles can easily be transplanted on to the human scalp where they can promote hair growth. So far this research and testing has only been conducted on mice and not on humans. But in mice the follicles were able to grow natural hair. If this works for mice it will also prove helpful for treating male pattern baldness.

Close studies :

In the testing procedure, researchers had studied the biophysical and molecular events that were involved in the process of hair growth. A molecular screenings and bioinformatics combinations were used to collect all possible information.

Close studies

It was also noticed that certain types of genes were very much active, along with the genes that were responsible for the production of collagen. This is a type of fibrous protein that is found in the supportive tissues and skin cells. It is also found in the insulin and regulates the blood sugar level.

Hair growth stimulation :

Making use of the organoid development stage the scientists were actually able to study the role played by stem cells in the process of transformation from one phase to another. This was done after studying the gene activity indifferent stages.

This type of process is termed as self organization process for biophysical and molecular events at the time of tissue morphogenesis. So it is certain that at the molecular level, this study can be made use of for completing the morphological stage of transition to restore stalled process.

Hair growth stimulation

It was possible for them to restore hair growth in adults suffering from alopecia problems. In this observation it was noticed that adult organoids managed to growth around 40 percent of hair back from active follicles that were derived from new born cells.

In most cases, people who have aged do not manage to growth hair back normally but in this case it was noticed that they managed to grow back 40 percent of their lost hair normally with surgery or artificial means.

It is possible to reduce the process of hair fall and hair loss and promote hair growth back at any age making use of stem cells transplant.

Benefits of this therapy :

It is obvious that most men look around for full time and permanent hair restoration techniques. Stem cell therapy can be considered as most effective therapy in restoring lost hair permanently. This is one of the most effective therapies as it does not involve any surgical methods for transplantation.  It can stimulate the growth of normal hair permanently from active follicles.

Benefits of this therapy



It is based on activating the stem cells that are already available in the active stage within the scalp region. So at the time of aging process some of the follicles tend to go dormant. Active stem cells can easily send out signals to these inactive stem cells to start producing desired chemicals and hormones to activate and speed up the process of hair growth.

Advantages :

One main benefit of using this therapy is that it will prove helpful in improving the quality and texture of your natural hair. This will also prove helpful in reversing the process of hair loss on daily basis. As compared to any other means of hair growth and transplant therapy this therapy is considered as most affordable and cost effective. You can try and collect more information related to stem cell therapy online and then opt for it. You may have to provide with your detailed medical history of hair loss in the past years before getting started. A formal consultation with your hair experts can help you get better understanding of this process.


Hair loss is a problem that is faced by most men and stem cell therapy certainly is considered as a life saver to them. You may not need to make use of any hair extensions to maintain your normal and attractive looks.

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