Helpful tips to thicken your hair naturally and reduce hair thinning problems in males


Men face hair thinning problems very often, and the only way to correct it is to act at the right time. You have to keep in mind that certain things have to be a part of your daily routine. This will help in eliminating hair thinning problems from its root cause.

When speaking of hair loss on account of thinning problem, you have to focus on your overall health. This means that your overall body health is considered as the key factor that is related to your hair loss condition.

You have to try and combine these natural ways with natural oils, massage and natural products. The end results can be noticed in the form of thick hair and hair re-growth.

hair thinning problems

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Studies have already proved that men hair loss is directly related to inflammation factor. Apart from this science also proves that increased level of DHT in the body could also result in hair loss and hair thinning problems.

Well both are related because the moment your body has high level of DHT, your scalp area may experience more inflammation, resulting to hair damage and loss. One of the major causes of increased DHT count in the body is directly related to stress.

So to deal with hair thinning and hair loss problems one has to first deal with stress related issues.

Regular scalp massage

Hair experts advice having scalp massage at least twice a week for about 15 to 20 minutes with essential oils or herbal oils to eliminate stress effects. This offers with benefits, as you may notice that hair loss process has started reversing.

scalp massage

Use natural hair care products

This is one effective way that will help regulating hair loss in men on account of stress. If you cannot eliminate stress then you may have to look around for products that can help regenerate hair growth naturally.

You have to keep in mind that human body has a tendency to rejuvenate most of its losses. The moment you make use of right products and follow best tips, your body will replicate itself naturally.

You have to look around for soap or product that can help in regulating inflammation from your scalp area, if you are suffering from stress. Apart from this you can also regulate stress by other means.


Include Aerobics sessions can help hair thickening

Your aerobics sessions are just not meant for maintaining your body features. It helps in maintaining overall health of your body and its parts. You have to include balanced sessions of aerobics to maintain overall body health.

Include intense jogging sessions for three to four days a week for at least two hours a day. This will help in maintaining right detox level in your body. Apart from this, your body fat will also get burned fast and increase the circulation of blood.

Increased blood circulation will further help in better performance of glands to produce hormones and promote healthy hair growth. Over the time our body faces decreased blood circulation problems that can affect the health and growth of hair.

Natural remedies to promote thick hair growth

Natural remedies like vitamins and herbs can in promoting healthy hair growth by around 30 to 40 percent. You may have to make the selection of herbs and natural remedies with caution.

hair growth

Niacin – This vitamin is produced naturally in human body. It helps in promoting blood circulation, especially in blocked follicles area. One main key factor to keep in mind is that production of Niacin can also lead to flush effect inside our body.

When facing this effect, you may experience an increase in temperature in the scalp region, the moment blood circulation in this area increases. Supplements of Niacin can be purchased as over the counter medication from most herbal stores.

Depending on the amount of hair loss you are facing, it is advisable to take this supplement for at least two years, before you get to notice the reversible process of hair loss. Niacin will also prove helpful in detox your scalp region by eliminating plaque from the blood capillaries. This further increases the blood circulation in this region forcing hair to grow normally.

Additional tips – Initially you can start with 50 mg medication and later on double the dosage to see best results.


Men face a lot of health issues on account of stress due to their lifestyle. Extreme stress conditions can lead to a number of problems and your hair are the first body parts to be affected due to stress.

Under stress our body is forced to produce related hormones, and if you have to face this condition in the long term, it can tend to damage your internal organs including hair. At the time of stress your scalp muscles also get tighten up and thus forcing reduced blood circulation in this region.

B-Complex medicines will help in eliminating and controlling stress to greater extent. It also improves the nervous system of your body. This will also help in maintaining stable physical and mental conditions.


Note – You may find many B-complex supplements, but you have to select one that is genuine and rich in vitamin B.

Essential oils

Oils and massage can help in hair thickening and promoting hair re-growth. A mix of castor oil and Olive oil can offer better texture to your hair. In the long run, castor oil can also improve the thickness of your hair and rejuvenate your follicles for hair growth.

Essential oils

Apart from this, natural and virgin coconut oil can also help in hair growth and thickening. You can expect better quality hair within few months of usage. Massage oils in your scalp for few months and you may notice hair growth very fast. This will also reduce hair breakage problems and promote healthy hair.

Apart from this some other factors can also help in promoting natural hair health. Artificial ways to prevent hair loss may not offer you with life time solutions to your hair loss problems.

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