Hair loss or Hair Fall – Tips for selecting best hair care products for men

Hair loss

Men can loose their hair very fast during any season. Even as men are often less careful about their hair so it is obvious that they can tend to damage it completely, even without noticing them. It is certain that to overcome harsh conditions, men need to take proper care of their hair, no mater what hair texture you have.

Most men are not able to adapt to the changing weather conditions, especially when speaking of hair condition. Maintenance and grooming are two main tools that men can make use of for maintain proper hair health.

During harsh weather conditions, men may face brittle, dry or even tangled hair problems. If not checked at the right time, these conditions may lead to permanent hair loss and pattern baldness.

Hair styling can also lead to breakage problems and hair thinning problems. These factors, in the long run, may lead to hair damage and promote hair loss. Most men avoid hair care, as they feel it an act of women and is time consuming. The fact remains, hair care is just not only for women!

When speaking of hair care for men, you have to understand the hair texture, as not every product may be best for you.

Getting familiar with your hair type to prevent hair loss

Natural hair texture is a term that is most commonly used for hair type that has never been treated by harsh chemicals. These are poorly formulated texturizers and relaxers. There are also many men who treat their hair with dreadlocks, braids and twists, such that their hair looses its natural texture.

In present time, these factors are also considered as styles that most men make use of to change their looks and texture of untouched hair.

You need to understand that men are generally blessed with different hair textures including curly hair. This factor much depends on your genes and so when maintain, this factor has to be considered.

In general, men are blessed with most common hair textures stated below:-

Type A – Straight Hair – men with this hair texture have long growing hair that does not bend or curl till they have reached a certain hair length.

Type B – Wavy hair- men with wavy hair may generally face problems with hair bending after certain length. They bend down to form a S-shape pattern.

Type C – Coiled hair- This is an ideal hair texture that can be defined as curly hair. Some men also term these types as corkscrew and can be frizz easily.

Type D – Kinky hair- This in common is also termed as Afro-hair texture and have small curls that are very tight at the scalp area.

Note:- No matter what hair texture, all men can tend to show signs of hair fall and hair loss after certain age. Men are more prone to face pattern baldness.

To determine your natural hair texture, it is important that you need to have untreated hair, free from all hair products.

General hair care tips for men having any hair texture to prevent hair loss

When going through the past history, you may find that men have been used to styling hair since 1400’s. Earlier Africans were used to deadlocks, plaits and twists. Today also men from global places are styling the hair in the same way, but are not able to maintain healthy hair, that is free from hair fall.

In present time we have just experienced an evolution in men’s hair art. There are men who prefer using sporting hair styles and hairdos. No matter how fashionable hair style you pick up, the key factor is to try and maintain the mane so you get to style it for years. Try and follow below stated tips to help prevent frequent hair loss and pattern baldness.

General hair care

Shampoo often or less –

Look around for soaps and shampoos that are free from harsh chemicals, as these will only rip away the natural hair oil from the follicles. Most hair cleansers men use may not be herbal and so they can damage your scalp completely within few years. As men are more used to shampooing as compared to women, so it is certain that they tend to face more hair loss too.

For men with any hair texture, it is advisable to make use of shampoo and cleansers only once or twice a week. Pick up a product that is mild.

Select best moisturizer

To maintain healthy and damage free hair you have to try and maintain right level of hydration factor. Till your hair is hydrated, they are live and healthy. If you are very much used to going out in harsh weather conditions – Dust, heat or rains, then you need to ensure that your hair are well moisturized. Hydrating regularly will also ensure that your hair does not break off easily and often.

Avoid complex hair styles and cuts

Hair styles that maintain small hair cuts like taper fade, crew cut, Caesar and mini fro-hawk are considered as ideal for most men. The benefit is that when short hair they tend to break less and so hair loss is minimum. These hair styles are also easy to maintain.

Use best hair care products

This factor depends a lot on your hair texture. You have to select products that will help save your scalp from being damaged. You have to select products that can offer you with best looks and prevent hair fall.

In present market you can find many hair care products that are designed specifically for men. It is also best to select hair care products including shampoo and conditioners that are made from natural herbal products. You can also seek advice form professional hair care expert when selecting any product. Regular hair care and quality products can offer you with benefits of healthy hair growth. These products can also tend to lower or reverse the process of pattern baldness and hair loss.

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