What are the different types of hair loss in men and its causes?

hair loss

On an average, any adult male has over 100,000 to 160,000 hair strands on the scalp region. Out of these on daily basis, any men many loose around 100 strands. The moment start noticing more hair on other places – your comb, hair brush, in shower, bed and pillow or even your towel- then you need to consider this s a sign of baldness. It is very important to look around for its root cause and cure. In most cases men are affected genetically and so they experience hair loss. Certain other factors – environmental are also responsible for hair loss in men. Here we will try and cover basis types of hair loss pattern in men and then we will try and look around for possible preventions.

1. Talogen Effluvium

For an average male, hair growth cycle may last for as much as 6 years. During this time period the hair will try and maintain its androgen stage (Growth stage). In later stages this hair will be replaced by telogen stage during which hair stars becoming practically invisible.

At this time the hair is said to be in resting phase. This phase for average male may last from two to three months. Once this stage has been completed, the normal androgen phase will continue. For healthy male at any time 15 percent of the hair is always in resting phase while 85 percent is maintaining in growth stage.

If this balance of 85:15 is disturbed then men may start experiencing baldness.  This is one condition that can affect any one at any age.


One of the main causes of this condition is stress –emotional and physical. Other causes may include:-

  • Chronic and severe illness.
  • Weight loss or weight gain instantly.
  • In women child birth is one causes of this condition.

Hair loss in this condition may take place evenly from your entire scalp with no particular pattern.


In most cases this condition is self curing for men. If any men is suffering from chronic stress related conditions then the condition may not cure itself. The follicles in this case maintain the hibernation stage for longer period of time. The moment stress is cured this condition is automatically cured.

Minoxidil is one good medication to eliminate hibernation stage of your hair follicles.

2. Alopecia Areata

This is a type of autoimmune illness and will result in hair loss from your entire or some part of the scalp and other body parts. This type of baldness is also termed as spot baldness in men. The occurrence of baldness takes place as highlighted spots in the scalp region.

This is a condition men face when their body does not identify its own cells. The condition is caused the moment body immune system starts attacking the hair cells and treats it like a invading virus. In this condition circular patches are noticed on the scalp region. In few men this may also lead to complete baldness.

On closer examination you may notice development of black and yellow colored spots on the affected area. This indicates that the hair is destroyed on account of body immune system.


Not much is know yet about the real causes of this condition. This condition is mostly related to hereditary. You need to check with your family history.


There are a number of experts who suggest using corticosteroids for treating this condition. The medication only offers with treatment up to certain level as it is not very effective. You can look around for this medication in the form of tonic, lotion or pill. You may also have to face few side effects when taking this medication. Some other treatments are:-

  • Coal tar – topical type.
  • Ciclocporin – topical type.

You can also try and make use of different types of inhibitors to treat this condition, but in most cases you may not notice much effect of medications on this condition. So there is no need to search the internet for effective permanent cure against this condition.

3. Involution Alopecia

With age the volume of your hair and thickness may also retard. This condition is considered as involution alopecia.


As you age, your hair cycles also starts retarding. As the growth stage gets shorter, the hibernation cycle increases in length and duration. So the present ratio of growth to hibernation now becomes 15: 85. This means that more number of your follicles go in an inactive stage. This results in hair thinning and ultimately leading to hair fall.


This is a natural cycle and so not much as treatment is available. Still you can control this cycle in the initial stages by maintain right level of diet and eating habits. You can not much depend on medications or other hair care products to treat or reverse this condition.

4. Traction Alopecia

This type of hair loss is common if you are used to applying too much of pressure to your hair.


This is a condition that is caused by wearing tight hair. So if you are used to combing and puling your hair in one particular direction then you may face this condition. Most common causes are hair bands, pins and pony tails. In this condition the hair lien starts receding. You may notice many broken hair strands.

If men are used to wearing head gear then this condition is noticed very often. The condition takes a few years to develop and so it is advisable to act at the right time. Wearing helmet for many years may also result in this type of hair loss.


This condition is not on account of any hormonal or genetic factor. So, not many medications are advisable. It is caused due to external elements. It is advisable to keep changing your hair style very often. If you are wearing hair band or head gear then you can try avoid it. The hair in most cases will start growing back normally.

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