Dietary habits that men can follow to help reduce hair loss chances at an early age

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Men suffer problems of hair loss more than women of the same age group. This is one of he reasons why you find most men tend to get bald, whereas women hardly get bald. So it is important that men need to look around for ways that can help them retain their lost hair back – and their looks. Here in this article we have tried to offer men (who are facing patter baldness problems) with most effective tips to reverse the process.

Note:- Your overall health is responsible for your hair loss to a much greater extent…..

Eating habits that men can follow to help fight back pattern baldness and hair falling problems.

Foods rich in Antioxidant

Antioxidants rich food products are the secret to men’s hair growth. Inflammation is one of the reasons in men that is directly related to hair fall at increased rate. Men who are aware of this, tend to correct the DHT production in their body, but others simply are unaware of this factor.

Reducing the production of DHT may help activate hair follicles, but not for life time. To certain extent DHT production can be regulated but you also need to look into other factors for lifetime benefit. To get to the root cause it is important that you need to eliminate inflammation completely from your body.


Include more antioxidant food products

If you want to take control of inflammation then Kale and spinach are the foods that you have to include in your daily diet. Both these food products are rich in zeaxanthin that is one of the antioxidant that is responsible for lowering inflammation. So it is best for men to try and include these food products in their daily diet.

antioxidant food

Eliminate sugar intake completely

Sugar and carbs are the two types of foods that are responsible for inflammation in your body. So in order to eliminate inflammation it is certain that you have to regulate all types of sugar (Brown or white), rice and bread products from your daily diet.

For men, eliminating foods may not be an easy task – especially burgers and hot dogs, but this is important if they want to re-grow their healthy hair back on their scalp. Men can slowly eliminate sugar by reducing the quantity on daily basis.

Super antioxidant

4 mg of super antioxidants consumed at least 6 times a day can help in restoring the cell’s natural health. Men can try and include more of sea foods as they are rich in super antioxidant. A combination of Marine food, kale and spinach can work its magic on the natural growth of your hair.

Super antioxidant

Drink Green

Science has already proved tat green and herbal tea helps in regulating the good condition of your health. It is helpful to drink 2 to 3 cups on daily basis. Green tea can help in refreshing your heath. It is best to drink 3 cups at least 3 days a week. This will help in maintaining good condition of your hair.

The tea is expected to eliminate the fatty acids from your circulatory system melting down the plaque factor. This further helps in maintaining healthy hair growth.

Drink Green

Avoid scrap foods and drinks

Years of junk food can block your arteries and blood vessels. On the top are the types of food products that are deep fry and rich in cholesterol and bad fats. In order to well maintain healthy hair men should try and avoid consuming such junk foods every alternate month. So for one month it is advisable to stop eating junk foods for around one month

This exercise will help in maintaining good health condition and healthy hair. Even if you are having craving for fried food, still you should try and use olive oil, Grape seed oil or sesame oil. If you like eating salads then olive oil can be used.

To make it more effective you should try and eliminate fried foods every alternate day from your regular diet.

Cut down excess weight

The moment you eliminate excess weight from your body, your blood circulation will improve. This helps in activating your hair follicles and promoting natural hair growth. Weight can easily be lost the moment you control your diet, your weight can be under control.


Stress management can be best implemented by including relaxation sessions. Most people don’t pay much attention on relaxing and end up loosing more hair on daily basis.

Relaxing is very important for you to get away from your busy schedule. Once a week you need to relax your body and you can get involved in activities that will help relax your mind.

Try and stay in your social network of friends on week ends. You can try and go out with your friends and enjoy your time playing or talking. This will help in breaking away from stress and promoting hair growth. Men can try and spend some time playing pool or other sports activities. Spend time with your family and relatives.

Include yoga sessions in your spare time and be sure you smile a lot. It’s not difficult to smile but it offers with numerous health benefits.

Sex life

Healthy sex life can also have deep impact on the health of your hair. But too much of anything can be harmful. Too activated sex life can force your body to loose additional energy. The moment your body looses a lot of energy, the process of aging also increases. This forces your body to shed away excess amounts of hair leading to baldness.

Men who are facing pattern baldness, may have to reduce their sexual activities by practicing celibacy. Apart from this, also try and have a very healthy sex focused on long hours so the energy gets circulated within your body. This will offer with healing effect for your hair follicles. The moment your follicles are healing, you will experience hair growth.

Maintaining healthy life style is the key factor to regulate hair loss in men, but you may have to focus on a number of factors to get started.

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