Common Proven Tips To Help Reduce Hair Loss Problems In Men

Hair Loss ProblemsSolutions

Men face more hair loss a compared to women of the same age. Then why is it that most hair care tips and products are only for women? Most men today are worried about hair loss problems. This forces them to try out new artificial and natural remedies.

Hair Loss Problem Solutions :

The moment men start noticing hair loss they start getting cautious about it and look around for solutions. If men fail to maintain their hair fall then it is certain that they will have to face pattern baldness problems.

In present time, men too can make use of a number of remedies that will actually help reverse the process of hair loss completely at any age. Some of them are in fact so effective that even if the problem is genetic still it can be regulated. You just have to be familiar with these measures and take care to adopt them as well.


Earlier only women had to face hair loss problems. But in present time even men have to face these issues. Not every one is aware of the real causes of this problem and so the process of regulation becomes bit difficult.

Every men around, wants to have a healthy looking hair. They can style their hair if healthy. Just like women, men also loose a lot of their hair when combing. This is the right time when they try and look around for effective preventive measures. At this time men try out different products including shampoo, hair tonic, diet, and not to forget hair care expert.

Even without getting to the root cause of the problem, they start making use of treatments. One of the main root causes for hair loss is the internal factor – your own body. External elements like dust, pollution or even harsh chemical products may only be secondary causes. Some such internal causes may include hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrients, stress, scalp disorders etc.

So if you want to effective eliminate this problem then it is important to work it out the other way around. You have to begin with the treatment process from the inside. Even if you are suffering from condition like thyroid then it can lead to hair fall.

Following points

Following points to consider :

  • When combing your hair it is always advisable to make use of a comb or hair brush that has much wider bristles. This is one of the best ways that can reduce hair fall to a much greater extent.
  • It is also advisable to avoid combing hair when they are wet. So if just had a shower you should wait for your hair to dry up naturally before combing them.
  • Make use of a soft towel to rub your hair gently. It is advisable to avoid rubbing your hair harshly.
  • It is also advisable to make use of a clean comb for combing your hair. Dirt can tend to create friction between hair strands and damage it completely.
  • When ever using hair oil always ensure that you make use of oil that is heated gently. Cold oil will tend to create more friction when combing.
  • Also try and make sue of more herbal products for hair care. Harsh chemicals can tend to damage hair completely. Herbal products are best solution for your hair.
  • It is also advisable to shampoo your hair at least three days a week so all dust and debris is removed. This will also ensure tat your scalp is clean and healthy.
  • Men should avoid making use of tight hair styles that can break your hair. This includes avoid making use of rubber bands and hair pins or bands.

Control Hair Loss Problems:

One of the most effective ways to try and control hair fall is to have a balanced diet in your daily diet schedule. A diet that is rich in al nutrients will always be ideal choice for your hair. It has the power to reverse hair loss completely.

Control hair loss

Try and prepare a healthy diet that is rich in Vitamin C, E, A,B and Complex. It is also best to try and consume more of fatty acids and proteins in your diet. You can also approach a dietician and request them to prepare your daily diet plan. When ever washing your hair it is best to try and maintain right level of moisture in your hair. Ensure that after hair wash you have left some oil on your scalp.

Moisture will reduce hair fall by around 50 percent as you hair will not break. It will also make your hair look more shinny and strong. Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. Making use of castor oil is one ideal way to add lots of moisture to your hair. It will also make your hair much stronger and thicker from the base.

Try and include foods that are good for your hair. Some such food products are oats, whole grains, carrots, vegetables, brown rice etc. including more of these foods in your daily diet will ensure that your hair is getting right level of nourishment on daily basis. It will also prevent them from getting damaged further.

Some other foods products that are good for your hair are potatoes, eggs, fish, oysters, citrus fruits, almonds, pumpkin, flax seeds, beans, soya, walnuts and other nuts. These are the food products that are rich source of fiber and vitamins. Including these foods in your regular diet will ensure that your hair is healthy and you may not have to suffer from pattern baldness at an early age.

It is also best to try and consume more of water on regular basis. This will make your hair hydrated and reduce the chances of hair fall. Drinking plenty of water will also eliminate harmful toxins from your body and promote hair growth. You can also try and make use of home made remedies for reducing hair fall completely and reversing the process. Some herbal products are also best for maintaining healthy hair.

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