How Close Are We Actually To Curing Male Pattern Baldness?

How Close Are We Actually To Curing Male Pattern Baldness?

Baldness in males is one of the most accepted conditions. It is also considered as a distress sign for most men. This condition affects nearly millions of men world wide every year. Even if hair experts have provided with proven cure methods, still permanent cure is yet not available to treat this condition.


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What Is Baldness :

The condition is scientifically termed as androgenic alopecia. This is a type of hair loss that affects millions of men at any age. In men the condition begins with hair loss from temples and fore head leading to form “M” shaped hair line.  At the crown the hair begins to thin leading to complete or partial baldness.

M Shape Hair

In some cases it may also lead to total baldness in few years of time. The condition may be hereditary or on account of male sex hormone dysfunction.  The condition may trigger itself at the time of adolescence such that over half of the population gets affected by the age of 30 or 35. Most men may loose over 80 percent of their hair by the time they reach 70 years of age.

The real causes of this condition are yet not very much clear. It may also result on account of reduced hormonal activities in men. As the condition is very much prevalent, so it becomes important to look around for permanent cure. In general, pharmaceutical companies are the only one who benefit from their own discoveries by selling their medications and remedies.

Stages of miniaturization and growth :

Each hair strand is made up of Follicles and shaft. At the base of the shaft, cells are present that are responsible for hair growth. At the base is a protein termed as keratin that is responsible for hair growth. Papilla is responsible for offering hair shaft with right level of nutrients for promoting hair growth.  It provides with necessary hormones that are required for its natural growth.baldness stage of growth

Hair follicles follow a vey strict cycle of hair fall and growth. It is estimated tat average men loose around 50 to 100 hair strands on daily basis. Follicles are responsible for growing 2 to 6 hair for a period of 6 years and after that it enters the hibernation period for some time.

The hibernation period may continue for few months when the follicles don’t grow any hair. On an average male scalp there may be around 100,000 active follicles. The moment any follicle enters the hibernation stage, hair start falling out. In most cases we are not able to notice hair loss as only few follicles enter the hibernation stage at a time while others remain active.

The moment this cycle of hair fall and hair growth gets disrupted, we experience hair fall and hair loss problems. According to past research it is now very clear that hair fall is one condition that occurs on account of Miniaturization problems. Over a period of time, hair follicles may tend to get sensitive to DHT actions. This is result of Testosterone conversion to DHT because of follicles oil.

This action further shrinks follicles reducing its size. Over a period of time, hair follicles tend to produce thin hair that is generally shorter in length. After some time these follicles become inactive and stop producing normal hair. This condition leads to pattern baldness in males.

Present time treatments :

In present time, experts have managed to develop only few proven treatments to help reverse miniaturization problems.  You have to keep in mind that most treatments will only offer with temporary solutions for regulating hair loss problems. Propecia and Rogaine are to such effective methods to regulate hair loss.

Rogaine effectiveness :

This is a type of treatment that is recommended to treat pattern baldness in males.  The medication is a type of supplement that is effective in curing blood pressure related problems. Hair growth is a type of side effect that is noticed by people who take this medication.

Rogaine effectiveness

The medicine is presently available in the form of lotion that can be applied to the affected area. When applied on the scalp it promotes blood flow and forces inactive follicles to act instantly. It offers with all required nourishment to the follicles and promotes hair growth.

This is one of the medication that is believed to fight and cure hair fall problems along with promoting natural hair growth. One main benefit of this treatment is that it does not affect the hormonal process. It also has disadvantage as the treatment is not considered as permanent. The moment you discontinue taking this medication, the effect also stops.

This is one reason why most hair experts don’t suggest using this treatment as you may have to continue using it life long to get its benefits.

Propecia effects :

This drug is given to patients suffering from enlarged prostrate glands. The hair growth is a result of side effects of the drug taken in long term. The drug is believed to reduce the production and effect of DHT by almost 60 percent promoting follicles to produce natural hair. This is a type of treatment that is only effective for men and is never advisable for women.

Propecia effects

Another effective hair loss medication is dutasteride which is only effective for some time and practically stops offering with results when taken in the long term. As this medication is taken on daily basis so it may be ineffective in later stages of treatments.

Benefits of these medications :

Benefits of these medications

According to experts these medications may be effective for certain extent and in the initial stages of medications only. The medications may also be helpful for curing inactive hair follicles. But in most cases it is ideal solution for promoting active hair follicles to start producing normal hair growth. If you need to see better results then you will have to get started with the treatment procedure in early stages of your hair fall.

Permanent solution :

Permanent solution

Hair transplant may be a permanent and long term solution for hair fall and pattern baldness. This process may be painful and may not be advisable for everyone.

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